10x Genomics Secures Preliminary Injunction Victory in Landmark Patent Dispute

September 20, 2023

The lawsuit that led to this preliminary injunction centered around intellectual property rights related to groundbreaking genomic sequencing technologies. 10x Genomics had been embroiled in a legal dispute with another company over claims of patent infringement and misappropriation of proprietary technology.


The preliminary injunction, which was granted in favor of 10x Genomics, represents a significant milestone in this ongoing legal battle. It signifies that the UPC found sufficient evidence to support 10x Genomics’ claims and believes that the company is likely to succeed in the broader patent infringement case.


10x Genomics, known for its innovative solutions in single-cell genomics and spatial genomics, has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technologies that enable scientists to better understand the intricacies of genomics, gene expression, and cellular function. The company’s tools and platforms have played a pivotal role in advancing research in fields ranging from cancer biology to developmental biology, providing researchers with invaluable insights into previously uncharted territory.


The outcome of this preliminary injunction is expected to bolster 10x Genomics’ position in the biotechnology industry, not only by validating its intellectual property claims but also by setting a precedent for the protection of innovative technologies in the field. Intellectual property rights are essential for biotech companies to incentivize innovation and secure the necessary investments for research and development.


This legal victory is particularly noteworthy in an era where genomics and life sciences are witnessing rapid advancements. The ability to sequence and analyze genetic material at unprecedented levels has opened doors to revolutionary discoveries in personalized medicine, disease understanding, and drug development. Protecting the intellectual property behind these innovations is vital to fostering continued progress.

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