Canada’s Proposal: Extending Patent Rights for Inventors

August 18, 2023

Canada is currently discussing the possibility of introducing a new policy known as a “patent term extension.” This policy would provide individuals or companies who hold patents with an extended period of time during which they can enjoy the exclusive rights to their patented inventions before the patents expire.


In simpler terms, when someone comes up with a new invention and gets a patent for it, they are granted a certain amount of time during which they are the only ones allowed to make, use, or sell that invention. This exclusivity is designed to reward and incentivize innovation by giving inventors a chance to benefit from their creations before others can freely use them.


The proposal in Canada aims to extend this exclusivity period, allowing patent holders to maintain their exclusive rights for a longer duration. This potential extension could have significant benefits for patent owners, as it would give them more time to capitalize on their inventions, potentially leading to increased profits and opportunities for further development.


The motivation behind this proposal is to support individuals and businesses that invest time, effort, and resources into creating new ideas, products, and technologies. By granting them an extended period of exclusivity, Canada hopes to encourage innovation and promote economic growth within the country. This move aligns with global discussions about intellectual property rights and how to balance the interests of innovators with the wider public interest in accessing new technologies.

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