DTI and Canadian Mining Firm Collaborate to Foster Intellectual Property Culture

September 12, 2023

Elevating IP Culture


The core objective of this collaboration is to elevate the awareness and appreciation of intellectual property in the Philippines. By instilling a strong IP culture, the partners aim to foster innovation, creativity, and competitiveness across various sectors of the economy.


The Strategic Goals

This collaborative venture outlines a multifaceted approach to advance the IP culture in the Philippines:


Education and Awareness:

Comprehensive educational programs and awareness campaigns will be rolled out to enlighten stakeholders about the pivotal role that intellectual property plays in stimulating innovation, safeguarding creativity, and enhancing competitiveness.


Capacity Building:

The partnership will provide training sessions, resources, and tools to equip local industries and entrepreneurs with the requisite knowledge and capabilities to protect and manage their intellectual assets effectively.


IP Enforcement:

To protect the rights of creators and innovators, the collaboration will strengthen IP enforcement mechanisms. This includes strategies to combat counterfeiting and piracy, ensuring that intellectual property remains secure and respected.


International Best Practices:

Drawing from Canadian expertise in IP protection and management, the collaboration will facilitate the exchange of best practices and strategies to benefit Philippine industries. The insights gained will also serve to bolster the nation’s global competitiveness.


Empowering Local Innovators


At the heart of this partnership lies a commitment to empower local innovators and businesses. By enabling them to leverage their intellectual assets, the Philippines can spur economic growth, attract investment, encourage research and development, and nurture a vibrant innovation ecosystem.

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