Dua Lipa Wins Dismissal of “Levitating” Copyright Lawsuit

June 7, 2023

Dua Lipa, the popular singer-songwriter, has successfully obtained the dismissal of a copyright infringement lawsuit regarding her hit song “Levitating.” The lawsuit was filed by musician Pauline Decker, who alleged that “Levitating” copied elements of her own song titled “Love Takes Over.” However, the court ruled in favor of Dua Lipa and dismissed the case.

The judge determined that the two songs were not substantially similar and did not share enough similarities in their musical composition to constitute copyright infringement. In copyright cases, it is essential to establish that the allegedly infringing work copied protectable elements from the original work and that the similarity is significant enough to constitute infringement.

Dua Lipa’s legal team argued that the claim lacked merit and that the two songs were distinct in their melody, rhythm, and overall composition. The court agreed with this assessment and concluded that there was no infringement.

This dismissal is a favorable outcome for Dua Lipa, as it affirms the originality and uniqueness of her song “Levitating” and removes any legal dispute surrounding its creation.

Source – thelineofbestfit

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