Estate of artist Keith Haring, Underwear Co. Resolve Intellectual Property Conflict

July 26, 2023

Renowned artist Keith Haring’s estate has reached a resolution with an underwear company to resolve an intellectual property (IP) dispute.


The dispute revolved around the unauthorized use of Keith Haring’s iconic artworks on the underwear company’s products. The estate alleged that the company had infringed upon the artist’s copyrights and trademarks, leading to a legal standoff.


To protect the artist’s legacy and intellectual property rights, the estate engaged in legal proceedings to address the unauthorized usage. After a period of negotiations, both parties have now come to an agreement that settles the matter amicably.


As part of the resolution, the underwear company has agreed to cease the use of Keith Haring’s artworks on their products and promotional materials. They will also pay a settlement fee to the estate to compensate for the unauthorized use and to acknowledge the value of the artist’s creations.


This resolution highlights the significance of protecting the intellectual property of artists and creators, even posthumously. It serves as a reminder to companies to exercise due diligence in obtaining proper permissions and licenses when using copyrighted or trademarked materials in their products and marketing efforts.


The estate of Keith Haring, known for his iconic and influential art that emerged during the 1980s, remains dedicated to preserving the artist’s legacy and ensuring the rightful protection of his artworks.


By coming to a resolution, both parties have avoided a prolonged and potentially costly legal battle, and this outcome sets a precedent for respecting intellectual property rights in the creative industry. It also reinforces the importance of licensing agreements and proper usage of copyrighted materials to foster a fair and respectful artistic community.

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