Filing Industrial Design Application in Georgia

Industrial Design Application fees

Fees associated with filing industrial design applications in Georgia, as well as other design fees, are available in the fee calculator.

The Term for filing a Georgian industrial design application 

The application for industrial design registration in Georgia claiming priority must be filed within six months from the priority date. The restoration of this term is not possible.

Multiple industrial design application

Design application in Georgia may refer to several designs provided that they belong to the same class of the International Classification.

Minimum of industrial design application filing documents

To obtain a filing date, it is necessary to provide the Georgian Patent Office with the request to register an industrial design in Georgia, representation of design(s).

Power of Attorney for the design application

A signed and stamped Power of Attorney must be provided to the Patent Office within two months from the filing of the application. Legalization is not required. 

Priority document for application in Georgia

To confirm the convention priority right, a certified copy of the priority document alongside a duly certified Georgian translation must be provided within three months from the filing of the application.

Assignment Deed for design application

If the applicant is another person than the designer, the document certifying his rights must be provided to the patent office within two months from filing the design application in Georgia.

Analysis of a Georgian design application

The request for substantive examination and payment of the examination fee must be submitted within two months from the positive decision of the formal examination.

Novelty grace period for application

The disclosure of information about the industrial design within 12 months before the filing or priority date made by the designer or his/her successor in title or as a result of unlawful action by a third party does not disprove the novelty of the industrial design according to the Georgian legislation.

Grant and validity term for design application

The official fees for publication and grant must be paid within one month from the receipt of a positive decision to register the design in Georgia. First renewal fees are included in the grant fees. The validity term of design in Georgia is five years, which may be further extended by the owner’s request for one or more 5-year periods up to a total 25-year term.

Representation by a Georgian patent attorney

For foreigners, it is recommended to perform an industrial design registration in Georgia through an agent, a registered Georgian patent attorney. It is necessary to indicate an address for correspondence in Georgia.


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