Tanner De Witt Expands Intellectual Property Strength with Notable Hire from Rouse

September 4, 2023

The appointment of the ex-Rouse disputes head reflects Tanner De Witt’s commitment to expanding its IP capabilities and providing clients with top-tier legal services in the field of intellectual property. This move strengthens the firm’s position as a key player in the Hong Kong legal landscape.


The new hire brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in IP disputes, having previously played a pivotal role at Rouse, a leading name in the intellectual property consulting industry. Their expertise is expected to enhance Tanner De Witt’s capacity to handle complex IP matters.


Hong Kong has been witnessing a growing emphasis on intellectual property protection and enforcement in recent years. With the rise of technology and innovation, IP issues have become increasingly critical, making the addition of an IP disputes expert to Tanner De Witt’s team timely and relevant.


Tanner De Witt’s decision to strengthen its IP team underscores its dedication to supporting clients in safeguarding their intellectual property assets, navigating disputes, and ensuring compliance with IP laws and regulations.


As the intellectual property landscape continues to evolve, Tanner De Witt’s move to acquire top-tier talent signals its preparedness to adapt and meet the evolving needs of clients in Hong Kong and beyond. The new hire’s experience from Rouse is expected to contribute significantly to the firm’s IP practice.


Tanner De Witt’s strategic hire from Rouse not only adds considerable heft to its intellectual property capabilities but also underscores the growing importance of IP issues in Hong Kong’s legal landscape. Clients seeking expert guidance and representation in IP matters can look to Tanner De Witt as a trusted legal partner with strengthened resources in this critical area of law.

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