Amy Hsiao

Profile Summary

Amy is a US-educated trademark attorney with ten years of large US law firm experience. She has practiced in New York and Atlanta, worked in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Taipei. Her practice focuses on one thing: protecting Western brands in China.

She has over 100 trademark opposition wins in China; has experience managing high-stakes litigation and advertising campaigns from Korea to India; has advised clients on issues relating to Alibaba, Taobao, WeChat; has experience in civil and criminal enforcement; and has pursued cases through all levels of the Chinese judicial system.

Amy is not only proficient in US Law and the English language; she is also fluent in speaking/writing Mandarin Chinese. She was chosen, after a six-month search, to be the only Western attorney to work on and translate China’s top trademark cases for the English-speaking world. The resulting book is described as: “the single indispensable source on Chinese trademark law” – published by Wolters Kluwer; available on Amazon.

Amy publishes and speaks frequently in both languages. She serves as a subject matter expert at various organizations on both sides of the world. She’s the owner of the China trademark blog:

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