As a global general counsel, I lead change in complex international organizations. Using innovation to turn cost centers into value generators and accelerate cross-functional collaboration, I position enterprises to grow while achieving thought leadership on tomorrow’s pressing strategic questions. I enable CEOs and boards to recognize emerging opportunities, then build organizations that transform them into innovative, market-leading positions.

Some key results include:

► Supported 3X revenue growth and repositioning at Avanade by creating new capabilities and offerings—while establishing it as the global pace-setter in digital ethics.

► Led ~10 M&A agreements and integrations at Avanade; built the global M&A function at Andersen Consulting.

► Helped to shape Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company’s 5-year plan and drove global change essential to reaching its $5B growth objective.

► Modernized compliance structure, streamlined commercial approach and spearheaded a comprehensive, coordinated response to international governance, regulatory, tax, and employment issues at $41B Honeywell.

In today’s data-driven world, innovation unlocks opportunity. A customer-focused business culture with integrity and collaborative leadership ensures those opportunities generate value for shareholders, team members, and society.

I look forward to discussing opportunities and challenges international enterprises face in this highly dynamic, data-driven environment.

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