Mark Kroot

Mark Kroot, currently Senior Director of Patent Strategy at TiVo, is an Intellectual Property professional with deep experience in patent transaction markets.

Mark’s prior roles include Managing Director of Alto Cumulus IP where he advised clients, including start-ups and private equity, on IP strategy and transactions.  Mark also served as Director of IP Acquisitions at Tessera and he served as Director of Patent Acquisitions at Hewlett Packard, representing the interests of all HP business units by acquiring patents or patent rights of strategic and defensive value.  At HP, Mr. Kroot contributed to the formative structure of Allied Security Trust, a defensive patent acquisition organization. 

In addition, Mr. Kroot held critical roles at several technology start-ups.   At San Francisco Science, a medical device company incubator, Mark evaluated new business opportunities and he led R&D and Operations for an SF Science portfolio company.   Mr. Kroot holds a BS (EECS) from the University of California at Berkeley and an MS (Engineering Management) from Stanford University. 

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