Robert Earle is Vice President, Patent Assertion and Enforcement at Ericsson. Robert’s group within Ericsson’s IPR organization is responsible for driving Ericsson’s global patent assertion and enforcement activities. Specifically, he is involved in identifying potential licensees, providing detailed technical analysis of Ericsson’s industry-leading portfolio of over 37,000 patents, as well as the mapping of those patents against the products and services being provided by such potential licensees. In addition to this, Robert Earle is supporting licensing negotiations and taking the lead in relevant technical discussions, and supporting any litigation that may become necessary to enforce Ericsson’s IP rights.

Robert Earle joined Ericsson in 2014 as Vice President for Assertion and Enforcement. Prior to joining Ericsson, Robert was a partner with Fish & Richardson in its Dallas office. He has first-chair experience in multiple jury trials representing clients before federal and state trial courts. His experience includes representing top international companies in patent litigation cases. Robert also served as a United States naval officer for nine years prior to attending law school.

Robert Earle holds a Juris Doctorate, as well as a Master’s degree in electrical engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California.

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