Volpe Koenig is a full-service intellectual property law firm serving a diverse roster of U.S. and global clients across a varied mix of industries, technologies and business sectors. With almost 50 attorneys, agents and technical advisors, the firm provides strategic intellectual property counseling  to protect valuable portfolios and assets. Volpe Koenig helps clients better understand the continually shifting IP legal landscape to provide our clients peace of mind knowing that their intellectual property assets are secure.
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Our attorneys possess the necessary technical backgrounds and education, practical industry experience, or research experience, working within a wide range of technologies – including electrical, mechanical, computer, civil engineering and life sciences. This blend of technical proficiencies and legal capabilities allows Volpe Koenig to take a proactive approach in our services and strategic advice.

Volpe Koenig also believes that it is crucial to gain a comprehensive knowledge of our clients business goals and concerns so that we can put together the best team of professionals that meets their needs. Volpe Koenig works with clients to build a strong foundation of IP rights by securing patents, trademarks, copyrights and other protections in the U.S. and globally.

Volpe Koenig also helps to ensure that our clients IP rights have a global reach. Our long-term relationships with an extensive network of foreign attorneys enhance our ability to offer comprehensive worldwide protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. In tandem with technical language skills in French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Punjabi and Spanish, we can offer more efficient communication, understanding, and service, in various worldwide jurisdictions.

Combining our sole dedication to intellectual property law with our deep bench of experienced professionals who understand technology and business, clients have a reliable and determined ally in Volpe Koenig.

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