Yelitza Dunham

Yelitza Dunham is an insurance recovery litigation partner at Winston & Strawn LLP who advises corporate policyholders on complex insurance matters including those involving cybersecurity, privacy, and IP infringement risks.  Yelitza formulates creative strategies for reversing coverage denials and has helped clients obtain hundreds of millions of insurance dollars. She also provides strategic counseling on issues related to policy renewal, contractual indemnification, subrogation, and insurance concerns in mergers and acquisitions.

Yelitza’s significant cases include Nucor v. Wausau (Ariz.App. 2012) (administrative proceedings trigger a duty to defend; “bodily injury” coverage covers medical monitoring expense; policyholder not responsible for pro-rata share of defense allocable to the insolvent insurer); California v. Continental (Cal. 2012) (California Supreme Court quoted Yelitza’s article, “Pay it Forward: Allocating Defense and Indemnity Costs in Environmental Liability Cases in California” in its landmark ruling for policyholders); Tosoh SET v. Hartford (Cal.App. 2007) (“advertising injury” insurance covers indirect product disparagement).

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