4th Circuit Court Upholds $43 Million Award in Dewberry Trademark Suit

August 10, 2023

The 4th Circuit Court has recently confirmed the validity of a $43 million award in the trademark lawsuit involving Dewberry. This decision marks a significant development in the legal battle that has been ongoing for some time.


The lawsuit centers around issues related to trademark infringement and unauthorized use of intellectual property. Dewberry, a prominent company known for its products and services, had filed the lawsuit alleging that another party had unlawfully used its trademark without permission, leading to confusion among consumers and potential damage to its brand reputation.


After a thorough legal process, the court initially awarded Dewberry $43 million in damages. The recent decision by the 4th Circuit Court reaffirms this award, indicating that the evidence presented and the legal arguments put forth during the trial were substantial enough to warrant such a significant compensation.


This ruling carries important implications for both trademark protection and intellectual property rights. It underscores the importance of respecting and upholding trademarks, which serve as critical assets for businesses to distinguish their products and services in the marketplace. Additionally, the case serves as a reminder that unauthorized use of trademarks can lead to substantial financial consequences.


The upheld $43 million award not only compensates Dewberry for the damages it suffered due to trademark infringement but also sends a strong message to other parties about the seriousness of trademark violations. It emphasizes that companies will not hesitate to take legal action to safeguard their intellectual property and maintain the integrity of their brand identity.

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