ZAP Triumphs in Legal Battle by Invalidating Key Component of Rival’s Radiation Therapy Machine Patent

September 22, 2023

ZAP’s rival, RadiationTech Innovations (RTI), had secured a patent for a key element of their radiation therapy machine, which they claimed was essential to delivering more precise and effective cancer treatments.


For years, the medical community had closely monitored the legal battle between these two industry giants. ZAP alleged that the component in question was not a novel invention and had been previously documented in the public domain, thus rendering RTI’s patent invalid. RTI, on the other hand, vigorously defended the uniqueness and novelty of their technology, arguing that it represented a significant breakthrough in radiation therapy.


The dispute reached its climax when the case was brought before a federal court. After an exhaustive examination of the evidence and expert testimonies, the court has now ruled in favor of ZAP. The court’s decision hinged on a comprehensive analysis of prior art, which revealed that the contested technology had indeed been disclosed in publicly available documents prior to RTI’s patent filing.


This verdict has a profound impact on the radiation therapy industry, as it invalidates a key element of RTI’s patent, thereby allowing other medical device manufacturers to explore and implement similar technologies without the threat of infringement. ZAP’s legal triumph essentially opens the door for increased competition and innovation in the development of radiation therapy machines, which, in turn, may lead to improved cancer treatment options for patients worldwide.

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