Dykema’s Washington D.C. Office Welcomes Esteemed IP Attorney Karen R. Poppel

September 21, 2023

A Noteworthy Addition to Dykema’s IP Team


Karen R. Poppel’s inclusion in Dykema’s roster of legal professionals is a testament to the firm’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier legal services to its diverse clientele. Recognized as a leading authority in intellectual property law, Karen R. Poppel’s presence further solidifies Dykema’s reputation as a legal powerhouse in this specialized field.


A Storied Career in IP Law


Karen R. Poppel brings with her a distinguished career in intellectual property law, spanning multiple decades. Her impressive record encompasses representing clients across a wide spectrum of industries, effectively safeguarding their intellectual property rights, and providing strategic guidance on matters related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Her deep reservoir of experience and expertise is an invaluable asset to both Dykema and its clients.


Strengthens Dykema’s Intellectual Property Practice


Dykema’s Washington, D.C., office has long been celebrated for its provision of exceptional legal services. The addition of Karen R. Poppel serves to further fortify the firm’s intellectual property practice, broadening its reach and deepening its bench strength. Poppel’s alignment with Dykema’s commitment to excellence and client-centric solutions underscores her seamless fit within the firm’s ethos.


Client-Centric Excellence


Central to Dykema’s values is a resolute focus on client success. Karen R. Poppel’s appointment enhances the firm’s capacity to protect and advocate for the intellectual property interests of its diverse clientele, which spans a wide array of industries and sectors. Her dedication to client-centric excellence mirrors Dykema’s own commitment to delivering innovative and effective legal counsel.

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