Ant Technologies’ Patent: Blockchain Records Value of Time

May 30, 2023

TOKYO- – (BUSINESS WIRE)- – lately, the accentuation on balance between serious and fun activities and time execution has been spreading. Ant technologies Co., Ltd. has filed a novel patent that introduces a new way of valuing “time” in response to this growing demand. Presently, both the time you’ve spent previously and the time you will spend in the future can be relegated a financial worth.

A novel idea is presented in the Ant technologies patent. It lets people divide up time from the past and the future, make digital folders for each time period, and store related media, like videos, images, and text, on the blockchain. This surprising advancement engages us to present worth to our time itself.

Envision recording and sharing your valuable recollections, or in any event, buying paramount snapshots of big names or competitors. What about selling time in the future for coaching or advisory sessions where you use your unique skills and knowledge, or where you can communicate effectively?

Additionally, use as a social networking service is suggested by the patent. Users can post their own time and share it with others around the world, which has the potential to open up new business opportunities and create a sense of community across the globe.

In addition, the patent covers the metaverse as well. Users can engage in unprecedented immersive experiences, relive historic scenes, witness memorable celebrity moments, and trade time within virtual spaces. Additionally, promises of unique experiences that cannot be had in the real world can be made possible by trading future time within the metaverse.

Our values and business practices are being redefined by Ant Technologies’ revolutionary approach to time management. We are able to freely share our past and future time, monetize it, and continually discover new experiences thanks to this patented technology.

Envision a reality where individuals from everywhere the globe can exchange their past and future time. The day is close whenever somebody could put resources into the chance to impart a dinner to a future variant of you, or when you could buy the recollections your accomplice encountered 10 years prior.

Ant Technologies is shaping the future of time monetization and is at the forefront of this revolution.

Insect Advancements will change time adaptation soon.

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Source – Businesswire

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