Dechert Expands IP Practise in Boston Office by Adding Partner Rearick

July 11, 2023

Dechert, a prominent law firm, has bolstered its Intellectual Property (IP) practice in its Boston office with the appointment of Partner Rearick. This strategic addition reflects Dechert’s commitment to enhancing its IP capabilities and catering to the increasing demands of its clients.


Partner Rearick brings a wealth of expertise and experience in the field of IP law. With a distinguished track record, Rearick is renowned for providing strategic counsel to clients in navigating complex intellectual property matters. Her arrival at Dechert further solidifies the firm’s position as a leading provider of comprehensive legal services in the IP domain.


The expansion of the IP practice in Dechert’s Boston office is in response to the growing need for specialized IP expertise in the region. As businesses place greater importance on protecting and maximizing the value of their intellectual assets, the demand for experienced IP lawyers continues to rise. Dechert’s move to strengthen its IP capabilities aligns with its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its clients and providing tailored legal solutions.


Partner Rearick’s addition to the team not only enhances Dechert’s IP offering but also brings valuable insights and a deep understanding of the Boston market. Her extensive experience in counseling clients on patent, trademark, and copyright matters will bolster Dechert’s ability to handle complex IP issues across a wide range of industries.


Dechert’s commitment to excellence and client satisfaction is further underscored by its strategic recruitment efforts. Partner Rearick’s arrival demonstrates the firm’s dedication to assembling a team of top-tier legal professionals who can deliver exceptional service and innovative solutions to its clients.

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