Development Capital Elevates Irish SMEs with €100 Million Milestone Including €6 Million Boost for IP Telecom

August 24, 2023

Empowering Irish Businesses:

Development Capital’s unwavering commitment to fostering growth within the Irish business landscape has culminated in this remarkable accomplishment. Their consistent investments serve as catalysts for local SMEs to expand their operations, innovate, and contribute to the overall economic advancement of the nation.


A Closer Look at the Investment:

At the heart of this achievement lies Development Capital’s strategic investment of €6 million into IP Telecom. This move not only amplifies IP Telecom’s capabilities but also promises to drive innovation in the telecommunications domain, potentially shaping the future of communication technologies.


Driving Economic Prosperity:

The ripple effects of Development Capital’s investments extend beyond individual businesses. SMEs play a vital role in the economy by generating employment opportunities and invigorating local communities. By channeling substantial investments into enterprises like IP Telecom, Development Capital contributes significantly to the economic growth of Ireland.


A Vision for the Future:

As Development Capital continues to invest in enterprises like IP Telecom, the potential for transformative changes within the Irish business ecosystem remains high. These investments hold the promise of bolstering innovation, increasing competitiveness, and promoting sustainable economic development across various sectors.

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