Global Intellectual Property Rights and Royalty Management Market to Reach $26.8 Billion by 2030: Blockchain Leads the Way in Commercialization Protection

September 5, 2023

The intellectual property landscape has witnessed significant shifts in recent years, with the protection of creative and innovative assets becoming a top priority for individuals and organizations alike. As digitalization continues to reshape industries, the importance of managing and securing intellectual property rights has never been more critical.


Blockchain: The Vanguard of Commercialization Protection


Blockchain solutions offer innovative ways to manage rights and royalties, streamline licensing processes, and prevent piracy. This technology is increasingly being leveraged by content creators, artists, authors, musicians, and businesses to safeguard their intellectual property and ensure fair compensation for its use.


Market Growth Factors

Several factors contribute to the anticipated growth of the IPR and Royalty Management market:


Digital Transformation:

The shift towards digital content and services has necessitated robust IPR management systems to safeguard digital assets.



Expanding markets and cross-border collaborations demand efficient royalty management systems to ensure equitable compensation for creators.


Blockchain Adoption:

The integration of blockchain solutions is expected to significantly reduce fraud, piracy, and copyright violations.


Content Creation:

The surge in content creation across various media platforms drives the need for effective royalty management.


Economic Impact:

Intellectual property assets contribute substantially to the global economy, making their protection a priority.


Regulatory Frameworks:

Evolving regulations surrounding intellectual property rights drive the adoption of management solutions that comply with legal requirements.


The Path Ahead


The forecasted growth to a $26.8 billion market by 2030 underscores the significance of intellectual property in today’s economy and the critical role that blockchain technology is set to play in its protection and management.

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