Matrox and STAGETEC Collaborate to Demonstrate Streamlined IP Signal Management at IBC2023

August 31, 2023

The upcoming demonstration at IBC2023 holds immense promise for industry professionals seeking efficient and advanced methods to manage IP signals seamlessly. The event serves as a platform to showcase how Matrox and STAGETEC’s joint expertise converges to provide a sophisticated yet user-friendly approach to handling IP signals across various stages of content creation, transmission, and distribution.


IP signal management, within the context of broadcasting, pertains to the intricate processes of routing, switching, and delivering audio and video content over IP networks. This technological leap has revolutionized the industry, enabling broadcasters to transmit high-quality content over efficient and scalable IP infrastructures.


The collaboration between Matrox and STAGETEC underscores the fusion of video and audio technologies, further enhancing the potential for cross-media synchronization. Attendees of IBC2023 can expect to witness firsthand how this collaboration results in a cohesive solution that simplifies IP signal management workflows, from capture to production to final delivery.


The demonstration at IBC2023 is a testament to the commitment of both Matrox and STAGETEC in pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. It signifies their dedication to addressing the real-world challenges faced by broadcasters and media professionals, providing them with tools that enhance productivity, elevate content quality, and embrace the possibilities of IP signal management.

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