Top Alternate Options Ranked if Washington Must Change Moniker Again: ‘Commanders’ Trademark Denied

May 25, 2023

The ‘Commanders’ trademark application has been denied, raising the possibility of Washington’s football team having to select a new name. With this development, a ranking of potential alternate options emerges as the team faces the challenge of rebranding.

Body: In the ongoing saga of Washington’s football team name change, the latest twist involves the denial of the ‘Commanders’ trademark application. This denial comes as a setback, prompting the team to explore other options for their moniker. A ranking of potential alternate names has gained attention, offering insight into the top choices if a rebranding becomes necessary.

Among the leading contenders is ‘Red Wolves,’ a name that has gained considerable popularity among fans and supporters. The connection to the region’s wildlife and the potential for dynamic branding opportunities make it an attractive option.

Another strong contender is ‘Redtails,’ which pays homage to the Tuskegee Airmen and represents a meaningful shift toward inclusivity and diversity. This name has gained traction due to its historical significance and the potential for inspiring narratives.

‘Warriors’ emerges as a solid choice, maintaining a connection to the team’s previous identity while embracing a more respectful and inclusive approach. This name offers a balance between tradition and progress, aligning with the team’s desire for a fresh start.

‘Americans’ also garners attention as a potential option, highlighting national pride and patriotism. This name resonates with the team’s rich history and could foster a strong sense of unity among fans.

Lastly, ‘Hogs’ presents a unique possibility, drawing on the team’s famous offensive line from the 1980s and 1990s. This nostalgic and distinctive name would appeal to long-time supporters while capturing the spirit of the team’s past successes.

As the team navigates the process of rebranding, it faces the challenge of selecting a new moniker that satisfies fans, reflects the region’s values, and avoids potential trademark issues. The denial of the ‘Commanders’ trademark application adds urgency to the decision-making process, propelling these alternate options to the forefront of discussions.

With the ‘Commanders’ trademark denied, Washington’s football team finds itself in the position of having to consider alternative names. The ranking of potential options, including ‘Red Wolves,’ ‘Redtails,’ ‘Warriors,’ ‘Americans,’ and ‘Hogs,’ provides a glimpse into the potential new direction for the team’s moniker. As the rebranding journey unfolds, the decision-makers face the task of choosing a name that captures the essence of the franchise while embracing a fresh identity for the future.

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