Trademark Filing in Greece

Trademark application fees in Greece

Fees associated with filing trademark applications in Greece as well as other trademark fees are available in the fee calculator.

Multiple-class trademark applications

Multiple-class trademark applications are possible in Greece.

Minimum trademark application filing requirements in Greece

To obtain a date of filing the trademark application in Greece must contain at least the following:

– representation of the trademark;

– list of goods and services;

– applicant’s details;

– A Power of Attorney.

Requirements for the Power of Attorney for application

The POA may be simply signed or stamped. The form may be provided simultaneously with filing a trademark application in Greece.

Priority document for trademark application

The priority document must be translated into Greek and filed to the Greece Trademark Office within three months from the date of filing a trademark application.

Validity term for trademark application in Greece

The trademark in Greece is valid for ten years from the date of filing.

Opposition period in Greece

Opposition against a trademark application in Greece may be filed within three months from the date of the application upload at the website of the General Secretariat of Commerce.

Grant and renewal of trademark application

No official grant fee must be paid. The trademark protection can be extended every ten years by a proprietor’s application and payment of the renewal fee in due time. The renewal fee is paid during the last six months of protection. It can also be paid within a further period of six months after the end of the decade, provided that it is increased by half.

Use requirement

The validity of a trademark in Greece may be canceled if the owner of a trademark has not been using the said trademark within five consecutive years following its registration.

Representation by a Greek trademark attorney

Foreigners must perform the trademark prosecution in Greece through a registered Greek trademark attorney.

What can be registered as a trademark in Greece

As a trademark in Greece the following all distinctive signs may be registered: words, names, acronyms, letters, numbers, devices, a combination of colors, 3D form of a good or its packaging, and any combination of mentioned signs.


1. Online Search Databases: EU Trademarks, International Trademarks, TM View.

2. The Trademark protection in Greece may also be obtained via European Union Trademark.

3. The time limit of 3 months allowed for the filing of a response to the provisional refusal of an international registration in Greece starts on the date the Office notifies WIPO of the refusal. No extensions are granted. The language of the response is Greek, and it is necessary to appoint a local representative. Additionally, it is possible to request a revision or file an appeal to the refusal within 90 days after submitting the response to the Office.

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