US company seeks lettuce shape trademark, signaling a potentially slippery slope for unique food trademarks.

May 18, 2023

From Vardy trademarking ‘Wagatha Christie to Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’, monetization knows no bounds in a world where anything can be commercialized.

An award-winning comedian named Hannah Gadsby has curated an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum called Its Pablo-matic about Pablo Picasso’s complicated legacy. This has literally nothing to do with the subject in question – which is lettuce. Instead, I’m bringing your attention to the exhibition because it demonstrates that terrible puns are now considered art. Remember this as I continue to make as numerous horrible leaf plays on words as I can in the following couple of passages.

Lettuce, let’s get back to the main point. Little Leaf Farms, a company based in the United States, is attempting to trademark the baby crispy green leaf lettuce’s curvy shape. You might wonder, “Is this some kind of GM nightmare leaf?” Has big lettuce planted cells in a clever way to make a salad that is really curvy? Although I wouldn’t rule it out, it appears that the lettuce’s natural shape is the result of a particular seed being grown in a way that creates ruffled edges in this instance. Might you at any point reserve that? Experts in the US trademark field appear to consider it a remote possibility.

However, isn’t this just the tip of the iceberg? Please maintain your composure, but the world we live in allows for the commoditization, monetization, trademarking, and privatization of virtually anything. For instance, if you make a joke and it goes viral on the internet, almost everyone will try to make money from it. Just ask Dan Atkinson, who came up with the pun “Wagatha Christie” and found out three years later that Rebekah Vardy had trademarked the phrase so she could use it on a line of meat tenderizers if she wanted to.

While that sounds baldfaced, it’s nothing contrasted and the performer Drake, who reserved “God’s Arrangement”, the title of one of his melodies, and an ordinary expression, so he could put it on pullovers. Even salad is no longer sacred in this day and age.

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Source – TheGuardian

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