BlackBerry Faces Lawsuit Over Unpaid IP Advisors in 32,000 Patent Sale

August 30, 2023

The lawsuit highlights a dispute between BlackBerry and its IP advisors over compensation for their services during the patent sale process. The advisors claim that they played a crucial role in facilitating the sale of a significant number of patents and should be duly compensated for their contributions.


BlackBerry’s refusal to honor the payment allegedly owed to its IP advisors has led to legal action. The case underscores the importance of fair compensation for professionals involved in complex IP transactions, particularly in cases involving a large number of patents.


This legal dispute comes amid a broader focus on intellectual property rights within the tech industry. The outcome of the lawsuit could have implications not only for BlackBerry but also for the wider landscape of IP transactions and advisory services.


As the lawsuit unfolds, it will provide insights into the legal intricacies of IP-related matters, shedding light on the obligations and responsibilities of companies when dealing with their IP advisors. The case also raises questions about the broader relationship between tech companies and their advisors in the context of IP management.

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