Brain+ Secures Key IP Rights for Game-Changing CST-Therapist Companion in EU and UK

September 8, 2023

The CST-Therapist Companion, designed to revolutionize cognitive therapy, offers a cutting-edge digital platform for therapists and patients. This achievement reflects Brain+’s commitment to fostering innovation in the field of cognitive training and marks a pivotal moment in their expansion strategy in Europe.


The granting of intellectual property rights in the EU and the UK provides Brain+ with essential legal protection for its groundbreaking technology. This protection encompasses various aspects, including proprietary algorithms, user interfaces, and therapeutic methodologies integrated into the CST-Therapist Companion.


The platform’s unique features have garnered attention within the cognitive therapy community, as it seamlessly combines advanced technology with therapeutic expertise. This enables therapists to offer more personalized and effective cognitive training programs to patients, enhancing their cognitive function and overall well-being.


Securing intellectual property rights in both the EU and the UK positions Brain+ as a leading player in the field of cognitive therapy and underscores their dedication to advancing innovative solutions that benefit therapists and patients alike.


This achievement not only safeguards Brain+’s investments in research and development but also fosters an environment conducive to further advancements in cognitive therapy. As Brain+ continues to expand its reach, the intellectual property rights for the CST-Therapist Companion in the EU and the UK serve as a cornerstone for their future growth and impact in the field of cognitive training and therapy.

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