Malaysia’s 12MP Unveils Ambitious IP Policy Transformation for Innovation Boom

September 12, 2023

A Strategic Move Towards Economic Transformation


The 12MP, which outlines Malaysia’s economic development blueprint for the next five years, places a strong emphasis on innovation and technology as drivers of sustainable economic growth. Recognizing the critical role of IP in this endeavor, the Malaysian government has embarked on a comprehensive review of its IP policy to align it with the evolving needs of a dynamic commercialization ecosystem.


Cultivating Innovation and Entrepreneurship


The review of the IP policy is expected to cultivate a more innovation-friendly environment that nurtures entrepreneurial spirit. By offering stronger protections and incentives for creators and inventors, Malaysia aims to attract and retain top talent, encourage research and development, and facilitate the commercialization of intellectual assets.


Key Objectives of the IP Policy Review

The objectives of the IP policy review are multi-faceted:


Enhanced Protection:

Strengthening IP protection to safeguard the rights of creators and inventors, ensuring that their intellectual assets are secure from infringement.


Incentives for Research and Development:

Introducing incentives and mechanisms that encourage increased investment in research and development, spurring innovation across various sectors.


Streamlined Commercialization:

Simplifying the process of commercializing intellectual assets, making it easier for businesses and individuals to bring their innovations to market.


Global Competitiveness:

Ensuring that Malaysia remains globally competitive by aligning its IP policy with international standards and best practices.


Balanced Regulation:

Striking a balance between IP protection and the public interest to ensure that access to essential innovations and technologies is not unduly restricted.


Stakeholder Engagement


The IP policy review process will involve extensive stakeholder engagement, bringing together government agencies, industry players, innovators, academia, and legal experts. This collaborative approach aims to incorporate diverse perspectives and insights into the policy framework.


Enabling Commercialization Ecosystem Growth


Ultimately, the IP policy review is expected to create a more conducive environment for the growth of Malaysia’s commercialization ecosystem. It will empower innovators and entrepreneurs to leverage their intellectual assets, drive economic progress, and contribute to the nation’s global competitiveness.

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