Square Yards Secures Intellectual Property Leadership with 18 International Patents in XR AI and Real Estate Data Intelligence

September 13, 2023

Pioneering Innovation in PropTech


Square Yards’ relentless pursuit of innovation in PropTech has resulted in the development of cutting-edge solutions that have transformed the real estate landscape. These 18 international patents cover a range of groundbreaking technologies and methodologies, further solidifying the company’s status as an industry trailblazer.


Extended Reality (XR) Breakthroughs


With patents spanning XR technology, Square Yards is poised to revolutionize the way people interact with real estate. These patents encompass immersive virtual property tours, augmented reality-enhanced property listings, and advanced XR-driven property visualization tools, providing a game-changing experience for buyers, renters, and investors.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Advancements


Square Yards’ dedication to AI innovation has led to patents in predictive analytics, automated property valuation, and AI-driven market insights. These AI-powered tools empower users with invaluable real estate data, enabling informed decision-making and enhancing the overall real estate experience.


Real Estate Data Intelligence at Its Best


Square Yards’ patents in Real Estate Data Intelligence are set to redefine data-driven decision-making in the industry. With patents covering comprehensive property databases, market trend analysis, and data-driven investment strategies, Square Yards empowers clients with unparalleled access to real estate information and insights.


Shaping the Future of Real Estate


Commenting on this remarkable achievement, the CEO of Square Yards stated, “We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of these 18 international patents, which reflect our unwavering commitment to reshaping the real estate industry through technology and innovation. Square Yards is not only transforming the way people buy, sell, and invest in real estate but also setting new standards for the PropTech industry.”


A Global Impact


As a global player in the real estate and PropTech sectors, Square Yards’ innovative solutions have a far-reaching impact. These patents not only enhance the company’s competitive advantage but also contribute to the digital transformation of the real estate ecosystem on a global scale.


Empowering Real Estate Stakeholders


Square Yards’ patented technologies empower real estate stakeholders, from homebuyers and sellers to real estate agents and investors. The company’s commitment to harnessing technology for the benefit of all stakeholders underscores its mission to make real estate transactions more efficient, transparent, and customer-centric.

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