Dechert’s Katherine A. Helm Joins Forces with Women Leaders to Launch Trailblazing Lead Counsel Summit in the World of Intellectual Property

August 24, 2023

Katherine A. Helm, a professional associated with the law firm Dechert, has taken a significant step forward by collaborating with a group of accomplished women who are also prominent figures in the realm of intellectual property (IP). Together, they have embarked on the journey of establishing a noteworthy initiative known as the Lead Counsel Summit.


This endeavor holds paramount importance as it not only signifies the coming together of experienced and influential women leaders but also marks a pivotal moment in the field of IP. The Lead Counsel Summit, birthed through the joint efforts of Katherine A. Helm and her esteemed colleagues, is set to become a focal point for discussions, insights, and collaborative efforts aimed at furthering the understanding and application of intellectual property-related matters.


The founding members of this summit bring with them a wealth of expertise and a proven track record of accomplishments in the diverse and complex landscape of intellectual property. Their collective experiences span a wide spectrum of industries and legal intricacies, making the Lead Counsel Summit a hub of comprehensive and holistic insights.

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