Emilio Nicolas and Chandler Stephens Will Talk About Copyright Law on August CLE for Dallas Bar Association

August 22, 2023

Dallas, Get ready for an exciting presentation! Emilio Nicolas and Chandler Stephens are set to share their knowledge about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) at the upcoming Dallas Bar Association event.


The event, known as the August CLE, offers a chance for legal professionals and enthusiasts to learn more about copyright law in the digital age. Emilio Nicolas and Chandler Stephens, experts in this field, will be leading the presentation. They will explain how the DMCA works and its significance in protecting digital creations like music, videos, and more.


The Dallas Bar Association always aims to provide valuable insights into legal matters, and this presentation is no exception. If you’re curious about copyright and the laws that surround it, mark your calendars for this event. It’s an opportunity to expand your understanding of how copyrights function in today’s digital world.

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