Patagonia and GAP Settle Trademark Infringement Case Amicably

June 5, 2023

GAP appears to be struggling to recover after announcing that it will sue Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) for $2 million following the disastrous end of their partnership. After allegedly imitating one of Patagonia’s most popular designs, the company is now in hot water with Patagonia, a clothing company that values the environment and outdoor activities.

The Snap-T Pullover, a fleece garment known for its distinctive flap pocket, button-down neck, and mountain logo on the chest, was the design in question. GAP released a pullover that can only be described as a copy of the pullover last year. It even featured its own version of the “P-6” mountain logo in the same location. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Patagonia won the case decisively because of the similarities between the two.

According to a spokesperson for Patagonia, “The GAP infringements have caused or are likely to cause dilution of Patagonia’s famous and distinctive mark by diminishing its distinctiveness and singular association with Patagonia” and “Given how derivative the GAP Infringements are of Patagonia’s original designs and logo, there is no question that GAP’s copying has been willful and deliberate” were the company’s two main points of contention regarding the matter.

As of Friday, the case has been settled, with the appointed authority consenting to drop the cases. No further subtleties have been disclosed, yet we can barely comprehend that dealings went immovably in support of Patagonia.

Source – thesolesupplier

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