Restructuring and Intellectual Property Disputes Drive Annual Legal Expenditure of Indian Companies to ₹40,000 Crores

August 16, 2023

The escalating landscape of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and intellectual property (IP) cases has propelled the annual legal expenses of Indian corporations to a staggering ₹40,000 crores. This surge in legal costs underscores the profound impact of corporate restructuring and the escalating conflicts surrounding intellectual property rights.


Indian businesses are navigating a dynamic market, marked by increased consolidation efforts and a heightened focus on safeguarding intellectual property assets. As companies seek to expand their market presence through M&A activities, legal complexities arise that demand comprehensive legal strategies. Moreover, the surge in intellectual property disputes is indicative of the growing significance of protecting proprietary innovations and safeguarding against infringement.


The financial implications of this legal trend are substantial. Indian corporations are redirecting a substantial portion of their resources towards legal consultations, litigations, and regulatory compliance to navigate these intricate legal landscapes. This surge in legal expenditures poses both challenges and opportunities for legal firms specializing in corporate law and intellectual property rights.

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