USC Launches Joint Degree in Innovation Economics, Law & Regulation

May 26, 2023

The Master of Science in Innovation Economics, Law, and Regulation (MIELR) will be launched in Fall 2023 by the University of Southern California Gould School of Law and the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences Department of Economics in response to the market demand for specialized skills in economics and regulation.

The MIELR program will furnish graduates with the fundamental abilities expected to address the intricacies of large information, man-made consciousness development, and AI — from the perspective of antitrust, protection, information security, and IP regulations. The new program is yet another illustration of the interdisciplinary innovation that distinguishes USC research and scholarship.

Understudies in this particular program will acquire far-reaching information on the monetary and administrative intricacies of advanced assistance businesses and development-driven working environments that incorporate tech and biotech. Students with a background in economics or STEM who wish to study relevant laws and economics that govern innovation, as well as students with an interest in law who wish to study economic theory and data analysis, will benefit most from this degree.

Teacher Romain Ranciere, USC Dornsife Division of Financial Matters Seat, makes sense of the MIELR program’s worth and objectives: ” In the midst of novel monetary and administrative issues in businesses confronting disturbance by man-made brainpower, computer-generated reality and different advances, USC is particularly situated to offer a cutting edge and imaginative program that offers top-notch preparing in regulation and financial matters. The MIELR program will provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to address these challenges by drawing on the combined expertise of faculty from the USC Dornsife Department of Economics and the USC Gould School of Law in the economics of regulation, antitrust, intellectual property, and data security.

“We have found that businesses put an impressive worth on ability with interdisciplinary abilities in financial aspects and the guideline of business sectors that incorporate scientific and composed abilities,” says Teacher D. Daniel Sokol of the USC Gould School of Regulation. ” Students will gain an understanding of the substantial overlap between microeconomics and law, particularly in the areas of antitrust, privacy, data security, and intellectual property law, through the MIELR degree, which will prepare economists and consultants to interact with lawyers.

For a total of 32 units, the on-campus Master of Science in Innovation Economics, Law, and Regulation can be completed in two to four semesters. Required courses in law and economics are included, as are electives that focus on particular areas of interest. The University of Southern California offers academic advising, professional development, and networking opportunities to MIELR program students.

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