USPTO Appoints Mary Fuller as Silicon Valley Regional Director Reinforcing Intellectual Property in Tech Hub

September 20, 2023

Mary Fuller’s appointment is not only a testament to her extensive experience and expertise in intellectual property law but also underscores the strategic importance of Silicon Valley as a crucible of technological advancement. Her career, which spans over two decades within the USPTO, has been characterized by an unwavering commitment to fostering innovation while ensuring the robust protection of intellectual property rights.


In her new role as the Silicon Valley Regional Director, Mary Fuller will serve as a linchpin between the USPTO and the flourishing tech community that calls the region home. Silicon Valley is synonymous with innovation, housing a myriad of startups, tech behemoths, research institutions, and visionary entrepreneurs who continually push the boundaries of technological progress.


Fuller’s responsibilities in this pivotal role are wide-ranging and profound. She will be tasked with overseeing the USPTO’s operations within the Silicon Valley region, a vibrant and diverse intellectual property landscape. This includes managing the agency’s engagement with local stakeholders, promoting intellectual property awareness, education, and outreach initiatives, and, significantly, ensuring the efficient and effective examination of patent and trademark applications that originate from this innovation-rich terrain.


At its core, this appointment reflects the recognition of the central role that intellectual property rights play in the competitive landscape of Silicon Valley. In a region where disruptive technologies emerge at an astonishing pace, startups and established tech companies alike rely on robust intellectual property protections to secure their innovations, remain competitive, and attract investment.


Mary Fuller’s deep understanding of intellectual property law, combined with her unwavering dedication to fostering innovation, positions her as an ideal choice for this critical role. Her tenure as Regional Director is poised to elevate the USPTO’s efforts in supporting inventors, entrepreneurs, and businesses in Silicon Valley, ensuring that their groundbreaking innovations receive the protection they deserve.

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