Videotron Triumphs in Copyright Infringement Suit Against Tech Firms

May 30, 2023

In a dispute over the unauthorized retransmission of the TVA and TVA Sports channels by Konek Technologies Inc., CoopĂ©rative de cĂąblodistribution Hill Valley, and LibĂ©o inc., the Federal Court has ruled in favor of Videotron. MONTRÉAL, May 29, 2023 /CNW/ In a choice gave over on May 26, the Court requested the three organizations, as well as Jean-François Rousseau, an investor in two of the organizations, to pay $553,000 in joint and a few harms for copyright encroachment. In addition, the court issued a permanent injunction requiring the defendants to stop carrying TVA Sports right away.

Videotron takes note of the Court’s condemnation of the practices of the defendant companies and one of their shareholders because it is aware of the significance of copyright protection in protecting the work of artists and creators in the television industry. They can no longer carry out their crimes with impunity.

The respondents were behind an innovation that furnished inn visitors with various broadcast communications administrations, including unapproved admittance to the TVA and TVA Sports channels.

A criticism suit brought by Videotron against similar organizations is still under the watchful eye of Unrivaled Court.

Features of the choice

“Mr. Rousseau brought about private responsibility by expressly making the moves that comprise copyright encroachment.” ( “The fact that he used streaming services that are likely illegal suggests that Mr. Rousseau has only a limited concern for compliance with the law,” reads paragraph 69. passage 73)

“To begin with, they [the defendants] began working their business prior to guaranteeing that they had gotten the important freedoms and approvals. Thusly, they ran the gamble that specific parts of their exercises could end up being unlawful. At the end of the day, they were crazy as for the gamble related with lawful vulnerability. They must now face the consequences of an intentional violation of the law for taking this risk. “Second, the defendants were wilfully blind in holding out, up until the trial, the possibility that the CRTC would grant them some form of authorization to retransmit the TVA Sports channels,” according to paragraph 90. “Insofar as I have concluded that the defendants were in bad faith, their conduct must be condemned and discouraged,” reads paragraph 91. paragraph 98) Quebecor and Videotron continue to fight for their rights. Quebecor has been fighting piracy and counterfeiting for a long time and has been active in the cultural and economic development of QuĂ©bec. For instance, in 2015 it went to court when Ringer declined to execute sufficient security frameworks and Chime was requested to pay $141 million. It also filed lawsuits against Xperi’s infringement of patents, the TVAddon app’s counterfeiting of its content, and the piracy of NHL games in Canada.

About Videotron Videotron is a fully owned subsidiary of Quebecor Media Inc. that provides wireline and mobile telephone, entertainment, television, Internet access, and other forms of integrated communications. With its Helix home entertainment and management platform, Videotron is a pioneer in cutting-edge technology. Videotron had 1,691,500 high-speed Internet subscribers and served 1,385,600 cable television customers as of March 31, 2023. Videotron was providing wireline telephone service to 730,800 households and organizations as of the same date, and it had 1,736,600 mobile subscriber connections. Videotron purchased Freedom Mobile Inc. on April 3, 2023, establishing a fourth robust and competitive national mobile carrier in Canada. Together, Videotron and Opportunity have more than 3.5 million versatile clients.

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