Government Intellectual Property Rights Body Expands Reach with Opening of Its 16th Office

September 12, 2023

Facilitating Access to IP Services


The establishment of the 16th office marks a significant milestone for the IP rights body, as it endeavors to bring its services closer to individuals, businesses, and innovators across Malaysia. This development aligns with the government’s broader commitment to facilitate access to essential IP protection mechanisms.


Expanding Regional Presence


The newly opened office is strategically located in a region known for its innovation hubs and creative industries, fostering an environment where inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs can readily engage with IP experts. This expansion aims to provide specialized IP guidance, education, and registration services to local innovators, empowering them to safeguard their intellectual assets.


Promoting Creativity and Innovation


By extending its reach to areas outside major urban centers, the IP rights body seeks to catalyze creativity and innovation among a wider demographic. This inclusive approach is anticipated to unlock hidden potential and nurture a culture of innovation that transcends geographical boundaries.


Enhancing IP Awareness


The presence of the 16th office serves as a catalyst for raising awareness about the importance of IP protection. Workshops, seminars, and educational programs tailored to the needs of the local community will be conducted to demystify IP concepts, inspire innovation, and empower individuals to protect their intellectual creations.


Encouraging Entrepreneurship


This expansion is also poised to stimulate entrepreneurship in the region. With easier access to IP services, aspiring business owners and startups can confidently embark on their entrepreneurial journeys, secure in the knowledge that their intellectual property rights are safeguarded.


Supporting Economic Growth


The government’s IP rights body plays a pivotal role in fostering economic growth by nurturing an environment where innovation thrives. This expansion aligns with the government’s commitment to driving innovation-led growth, a key pillar of its economic development strategy.

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