Lewis Roca Bolsters Expertise with Two New Partners in IP and Litigation

September 8, 2023

This development is significant news for both clients and the broader legal community interested in IP and litigation matters. The addition of partners with expertise in these fields is typically seen as a positive step for law firms, as it can lead to increased resources and knowledge available to serve clients effectively.


Lewis Roca’s decision to bolster its IP and Litigation practice groups with new partners highlights its commitment to providing high-quality legal services in these complex and highly specialized areas. Intellectual Property law encompasses a wide range of issues, from patent and trademark protection to copyright and trade secret matters. Effective legal representation in IP cases requires a deep understanding of these intricate areas of law, as well as a keen awareness of the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation.


Likewise, Litigation is a crucial aspect of legal practice that involves representing clients in disputes, often in court. Having experienced litigators on board is essential for a law firm looking to offer comprehensive legal solutions. These litigators are responsible for advocating on behalf of clients, strategizing legal approaches, and navigating the complexities of the judicial system.


The new partners joining Lewis Roca bring with them valuable experience and knowledge in IP and Litigation, which can benefit clients seeking legal counsel in these areas. Their addition reflects the firm’s commitment to staying at the forefront of legal services and providing clients with the best possible representation.

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