NRDC Vizag Chief to Represent India at WIPO Asian Conclave

September 4, 2023

This appointment underscores India’s commitment to promoting and safeguarding intellectual property rights within the Asian region. WIPO plays a crucial role in fostering global cooperation on IP matters, making this representation a noteworthy opportunity for India to contribute to the regional IP dialogue.


The NRDC, with its extensive experience in technology transfer, IP management, and innovation support, is well-positioned to offer valuable insights during the conclave. The chief’s participation is expected to facilitate discussions on best practices, cooperation, and the protection of intellectual property assets in Asia.


WIPO’s Asian conclave serves as a platform for experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to discuss IP-related challenges and opportunities. As India’s representative, the NRDC chief’s contributions could have a broader impact on IP policies and strategies beyond the national level.


This selection highlights the collaborative spirit among nations in addressing the complex and evolving landscape of intellectual property. By engaging with WIPO and fellow Asian countries, India demonstrates its commitment to nurturing innovation and technology while protecting the rights of creators and inventors.

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