OneWeb and IP Access International Join Hands to Revolutionize US Connectivity

August 29, 2023

Under this collaboration, IP Access International will integrate OneWeb’s satellite services with major terrestrial cellular providers in the US. This integration will create a cohesive mobile communications solution under a single service plan and support center. OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation will become an integral part of IP Access International’s SuperGIG service, tailored for critical mobile operations in the enterprise and public safety sectors. This unique integration of terrestrial and space-based networks enhances the resilience and effectiveness of the communication services provided.


OneWeb’s LEO technology will play a vital role in complementing and extending IP Access International’s existing services. The technology will enable robust connectivity not only in remote rural areas lacking cellular coverage but also in urban settings affected by disruptions such as natural disasters. This holistic approach aims to ensure uninterrupted communication during critical situations.


Bryan Hill, CEO of IP Access International, emphasized the significance of this collaboration by stating, “With the OneWeb LEO constellation, our SuperGIG solution will be even faster with lower latency. This will be a game-changer for our clients.”


Stephen Beynon, OneWeb’s Chief Commercial Officer, highlighted the value that this partnership brings to the table. He mentioned, “Adding OneWeb’s high-performance, low-latency connectivity to the IP Access International portfolio gives customers a new and even more robust solution to ensure they meet their mission, regardless of local connectivity services currently in place.”


This partnership aligns with OneWeb’s broader mission to address the digital divide. As a wholesale connectivity provider, OneWeb works in collaboration with various stakeholders, including internet service providers, telecommunication companies, and community leaders. Together, they aim to extend broadband services to areas that are currently underserved or lacking connectivity.

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