Singapore Launches Innovative IP Scheme to Unlock Inherent Value Within Companies

September 8, 2023

The scheme, which leverages Singapore’s reputation as a global hub for business and innovation, focuses on assisting companies in identifying, protecting, and commercializing their intellectual property. By doing so, Singapore aims to not only empower businesses but also boost its overall economic growth through enhanced innovation and competitiveness.


One of the key objectives of this initiative is to nurture a conducive environment where companies recognize the strategic significance of IP assets. By harnessing the power of IP, businesses can safeguard their innovations, gain a competitive edge, and explore new avenues for growth and expansion.


Moreover, this scheme places a strong emphasis on fostering collaborations between research institutions, universities, and businesses. By facilitating knowledge exchange and partnerships, it aims to accelerate the development of cutting-edge technologies and solutions that can address both local and global challenges.


Singapore’s initiative aligns with its broader vision of becoming a global IP and innovation hub. The scheme encourages businesses to adopt proactive IP strategies that not only protect their creations but also pave the way for strategic collaborations and licensing agreements.


As Singapore continues to position itself as a knowledge-based economy, this IP scheme represents a significant step forward. It reflects the nation’s commitment to harnessing the value of intellectual property for economic growth and prosperity.

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