Square Yards Secures 18 International Patents in XR, AI and Real Estate Data Intelligence

September 12, 2023

Diverse Patents Across Cutting-Edge Technologies


Square Yards’ patent portfolio encompasses a diverse range of technologies and innovations:


Extended Reality (XR):

Square Yards has patented groundbreaking XR solutions, revolutionizing the real estate sector. These patents enable immersive property tours, virtual staging, and interactive property visualization.


Artificial Intelligence (AI):

The company’s AI patents focus on advanced data analytics, predictive modeling, and personalized customer experiences. These innovations enhance decision-making and client engagement.


Real Estate Data Intelligence:

Square Yards has pioneered data-driven insights in the real estate domain. Its patents cover data aggregation, market trend analysis, and property valuation methodologies, providing clients with unparalleled market intelligence.


Implications and Industry Leadership


This achievement underscores Square Yards’ commitment to innovation and technological leadership. By securing these international patents, the company not only protects its intellectual property but also establishes itself as a prominent player in the convergence of real estate and cutting-edge technologies.


Impact on Real Estate and Tech Sectors


Square Yards’ patents have far-reaching implications for both the real estate and technology sectors:


Real Estate:

The XR solutions redefine property showcasing, offering immersive experiences for potential buyers and renters. AI-powered analytics empower clients with data-driven insights, transforming decision-making in real estate transactions.



Square Yards’ innovations in XR, AI, and data intelligence contribute to the advancement of technology applications in multiple industries. These patents open new avenues for tech-driven solutions and market intelligence platforms.

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