Crush Capital Secures Trademark Approval for Click-to-Invest, Enhancing Brand Protection

June 6, 2023

LOS ANGELES, CA, June 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – – by means of NewMediaWire – Pulverize Capital Inc., the makers of the primary Snap to-Contribute streaming series, Opening up to the world, today reported the endorsement of its brand name on “Snap to-Contribute” from the US Patent and Brand name Office (Reg. No. 7,057,368).

The use of Click-to-Invest for entertainment and educational services in a multimedia series about investing and finance is protected by the Class 41 and Class 42 trademarks. It also protects its use when it comes to providing a website with technology that lets people invest in businesses on a multimedia program series via the Internet.

Todd Goldberg, Co-CEO of Crush Capital, remarked, “This is a critical component of our long-term vision and a major milestone for Crush Capital.” We set out to establish a new category at the intersection of finance and entertainment when we launched the Going Public series. Beyond that, however, we were aware that there would be a chance to develop a licensable platform that would appeal to viewers and potential investors worldwide.

Going Public’s first season featured privately held businesses that used the Reg A+ securities exemption to raise capital from viewers worldwide.  Going Public is expected to feature both public companies and issuers from all JOBS Act exemptions, including Reg A+, Reg CF, and Reg D 506(c). Through convincing narrating and utilizing its new association with Dow Jones, the Pulverize Capital group means to democratize private money management by making a drawing in series where watchers can Snap to Contribute while they watch.

Mr. Goldberg went on to say, “With this trademark approval, we have now protected the use of both Going Public and Click-to-Invest in our category and consolidated our position as the pioneers of the first-ever Click-to-Invest streaming series.”

About Crush Capital Inc. Crush Capital Inc. is creating a new category for everyday investors at the intersection of entertainment and finance. Crush Capital is disrupting the online capital-raising industry with its ground-breaking original series Going Public, an interactive show where viewers can Click-to-Invest in featured businesses. In order to help investors make better investment decisions, the series gives viewers an inside look at founders who raise capital through equity crowdfunding exemptions. Crush Securities LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Crush Capital, is a broker-dealer that is registered with FINRA. To learn more, go to

Source – Yahoo

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